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Have you dreamed of telling your personal story?
Would your professional brand be strengthened by becoming a published expert? 
Does your company need a copy editor or creative freelance writer? 
Have a written work that needs editing? 

InPursuit can help with any stage of written work for any purpose.


Whether you want to tell your life story, offer poignant advice to others or increase your expertise credibility, writing a book can be the path to fulfilling that dream.  InPursuit has a specialized interview format to maximize your time and minimize your effort. 

Starting from scratch? Have a partially completed manuscript? It makes no difference where we start, InPursuit is here to help you finish your manuscript and become a published author. 

Freelance Writing

Is your  organization lacking an experienced writer for creative or technical projects? Perhaps your time is best spent on your core business.  Why not leave the writing task to an expert? 

Industry white papers, articles for publication, Request for Proposals, social media posts, newsletters and internal or external company announcements - just some of the many ways hiring an experienced writer can help you make the most of your time and your business. 

Copy Editing

Need a second set of eyes on an important proposal or manuscript? Want to add a creative element to a mundane recurring report? Let the InPursuit editing services put the final touches on any written document.